• Общественный транспорт: Доступно. Быстро. Удобно.
  • Public transport: travel smart, travel smooth, travel in style.

Practical info

The organizers office is located at the exposition (exhibition hall A).

The internet lounge is located at the exposition (at the meeting points).

Please do rat leave any baggage unattended any such item will be removed from site. Contact the organisers office for lost or found property.

There are cloakroom facilities available within the-venue on the ground floor. All items are left at the owners risk and may be subject to research. ExpoCityTrans 2014 organizers accepts no responsibility for any item lost and damaged.

The food court is located on the second floor of the Exhibition Centre.

City Café is located on the first floor of the Exhibition Centre (hall A). Free Wi-Fi and electric socket use.

Press centre will be open during the event. We are always happy to see our media partners and accredited journalists on the venue. We are trying to create the best conditions for your effective work at the exhibition. Free Internet and e-mail access, official photo bank, telephones and even morning coffee are waiting for you in the press centre located at the hall A. 

During the exhibition day and after the end of the event you can call a taxi from the organizers office.

All international airports in Moscow have a fast train connection to the capital's city centre.

Aeroexpress routes in Moscow region (interactive map)

Moscow, Paveletski Rail Terminal - Domodedovo Airport
Moscow, Kievski Rail Terminal - Vnukovo Airport
Moscow, Belorusski Rail Terminal - Sheremetyevo Airport

Aeroexpress trains make trips to the airports daily, according to the timetable , including weekends and holidays. Travel time is about 40 minutes. Trains run without stopping.

The price of a one-way ticket is RUB 320. A round-trip ticket costs RUB 640. Special rail fares for business class travel, the Aeroexpress+metro service, railcards, group, and child travel can be found in the List of Fares and Services.
An Aeroexpress train ticket can be purchased from this website, ticket offices, and from Aeroexpress' partners. Outlets where tickets can be bought are shown on the map of Moscow.

If you are a Master Card PayPass or VISA PayWave holder, you can easily pay for the fare directly at the turnstiles Aeroexpress.
For passengers' convenience, Aeroexpress has developed a flexible tariff structure, which van be found here.
The Aeroexpress hotline is +7 800 700 33 77 (calls from within Russia are free).

There are 9 train stations ("vok`zal" in Russian) in Moscow. Each has the name of the main direction of the trains that depart from this railway station. All the railway stations are located close to the centrum of the city. The three train stations: "Kazanski", "Yaroslavki" and "Leningradski" are located at the same area next to "Komsomolskaya" metro station (north-east centre).

To get to a railway station, you can use the metro (usually the railway stations are just outside the metro exit) or taxis.
See the Transportation section to learn how to buy the train tickets and other useful tips on inland travel in Russia. 
If you need train schedules, they are available online on Way to Russia train timetable page.

International train information: +7 (495) 266-0004 or 266-8300 (Russian only)

Belorusski Vokzal
Where: Tverskaya zastava, #7, metro "Belorusskaya", (ring brown metro line, north). phone: (495) 251-6093, 973-8191
Trains to and from: Belorussia, Germany etc.

Kazanski Vokzal
Where: metro "Komsomolskaya". (brown ring line or red line, north-east). phone: (495) 264-6556, 264-6656
Trains to and from: Kazan, Tatarstan, Urals etc. east direction

Kievski Vokzal
Where: metro "Kievskaya" (blue or brown ring line, west), phone (495) 240-1115
Trains to and from: west of Moscow, Ukraine.

Kurski Vokzal
Where: metro "Kurskaya" (blue or brown ring line, east), phone: (495) 916-2003
Trains to and from: Vladimir, south of Moscow

Leningradski Vokzal
Where: metro "Komsomolskaya" (red or brown ring line, north-east), phone: (495) 262-9143
Trains to and from: North Russia (St.Petersburg, Novgorod, Petrozavodsk, Murmansk), Finland.
There's also a Eurolines office and a good ticket sales office.

Paveletski Vokzal
Where: metro "Paveletskaya" (green or brown ring line, south), phone: (495) 235-0522
Trains to and from: south of Moscow, Domodedovo Airport

Rizhski Vokzal
Where: metro "Rizhskaya" (orange line, north), phone: (495) 971-1588
Trains to and from: Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania)

Savelovski Vokzal
Where: metro "Savelovskaya" (grey line, north), phone: (495) 285-9005
Trains to and from: Sheremetyevo airport

Yaroslavski Vokzal
Where: metro "Komsomolskaya", phone: (495) 621-5914, 621-0817
Trains to and from: Trans-Siberian (Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Vladivostok); Golden Ring (Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Kostroma), North-East Russia (Kirov, Astrakhan).
There's also international train ticket sales office at Yaroslavsky station, where you can buy Trans-Siberian tickets.

Taxis may be called by phone or Internet. In any search engine one may find many taxi companies, most of them offer fixed tariffs for travel to airports and train stations. Special tariffs apply for meeting clients at airport or train station. The main thing is to place an order for it in advance. One of the modern services for quick taxi calling comprising more than 80 dispatcher services is «Yandex.Taxi». If you are to «catch» a taxi on the street it is recommended to use authorized urban taxi of yellow colour equipped with an identification lamp on its roof and colour-graphic «checkered» sign. The approximate cost of one trip through the city is 1 000 rubles.

We do not encourage the use of unofficial cabs and strongly advises against sharing taxis with strangers.

How to get to IEC MosExpo:

Main entrance:
VDNKh metro station (first car of the train from the centre; exit in the direction to VDNKh)

To the main entrance:
Bus stop "VDNKh Metro Station":
Buses №: 33, 56, 76, 93, 136, 154, 172, 195, 239, 244, 803.
Trolleybuses №: 14, 48, 76.
Trams №: 11, 17

To the north entrance:
Bus stop "Severnaya":
Buses №: 56, 76, 93, 136, 172, 195, 803

To the southern entrance:
Bus stop "Yuzhnaya":
Buses №: 33, 76, 154, 244, 803
Trolleybuses №: 13, 36, 69, 73
Trams №: 17

See the map

In Moscow you can use the phone number from your operator or purchase a SIM card of local provider.
+7 (seven) is the International Telephone Country Code used to call or dial to Russia.

495 (four-five-nine), 499 (four-nine-nine) are the Area or City Codes used to call or dial to Moscow.

810 (eight one zero) is the International Dialling Code you use to make an overseas call from 'within' Russia.

Calling within Moscow:
Calls from mobile: +7 – 495 or 499 – telephone number
Calls from fixed line: 8 (long tone) – 495 or 499 – telephone number

Calling to Moscow from any city within Russia:
Calls from mobile: +7 – 495 or 499 – telephone number
Calls from fixed line: 8 (long tone) – 495 or 499 – telephone number

From Moscow to another city within Russia:
Calls from fixed line: 8 (long tone) – city code – telephone number.

From Moscow to another country:
Calls from fixed line: 8 (long tone) – 10 – country code – city соde - telephone number.

You can also use a prepaid phone cards to make long distance telephone calls. Calls are made by calling a 8-800 number and entering a Personal Identification Number (PIN) printed on the back of the phone card. Customers normally purchase phone cards for specific roubles amounts.

The cards provide long distance minutes based upon the specific rates set by the carrier. As calls are made, the usable minutes are automatically deducted from the card balance, which is either recorded on the card itself or on a central computer through which the long distance calls are routed.

Prepaid phone cards are sold at many locations, such as convenience stores, liquor stores, discount stores, supermarkets, department stores, and small markets and shops. They can also be purchased through the Internet on the World Wide Web.

How to call with a mobile phone:

There are three national mobile service providers in Russia.
MTS : www.mts.ru
Beeline : www.beeline.ru
Megafon : www.megafon.ru

MTS and Beeline both have rather complete national coverage with few holes. Megafon has more sparse coverage.

All the operators have the same level of service and about the same prices: about $0.20 for a minute of a local call (incoming or outcoming), and $0.15 mobile to a mobile. Megafon offers calls to Europe and USA for only $0.35 / minute if you subscribe to one of their contract plans (starts from $35 US / month with 200 minutes included). Normally, you will be able to subscribe for a short period of time, because there are no 1-year minimum term contracts in Russia -- you can usually cancel with 1 month notice. To subscribe, you just can go to any telecom shop (there are many), pay a set-up fee ($30-$90) and a deposit $35-$40 which will directly go on your account, and you'll have a new SIM card and phone number.

Calls to a mobile: +7 – Mobile Country Code – phone number


Russia is streets ahead of many places in the west in terms of its wireless internet cover - almost every cafe and bar now provides free wifi access and hotels generally provide access as standard.

It's also possible to connect to the internet in various parts of the city via a Russian mobile phone. The Beeline company has internet coverage in many parts of the city. To get online you usually need to provide details of your mobile phone. You will receive an sms with a log-in and password and the fee for using the service will be charged to your phone.

You can also purchase a mini-modem (like a large USB memory stick) – Beeline, MTS, Megafone in any mobile stores in Moscow.

4G Internet
If you are here for a while and are looking to connect up with a reliable mobile internet service, the company Yota is currently the leader in 4G instant internet. You will need to buy a mini-modem (like a large USB memory stick). Then you can sign up to a number of Yota packages.

WI-FI (wireless internet) access points in Moscow


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